FAQ & Important Info

Please read our FAQ below, it can be very helpful in answering your questions about our themes, services and what the process is!

Some of the colors can be changed but some have been custom coded into the theme. Some of the elements require Photoshop to change their colors such as watercolor elements, abstract painted clipart, textured backgrounds, brush strokes etc. Any kind of clipart or painted looking graphics require Photoshop to edit their colors.

If you would like a color change, we are happy to change the colors for you! You can purchase the ‘Change Colors’ add-on with any theme purchase and we can take care of that for you!

The color change add-on can be added onto any theme purchase from our shop

1. Purchase theme
2. Download your files
3. Upload theme zip file to Shopify
4. Edit website elements via the online editor
5. Upload elements to Shopify in the correct areas
6. Add your products
7. Setup your menu
8. Launch!

You can be up and running within a few hours after purchasing!

Yes! We offer an add-on called ‘Setup My Website’ with this add-on we will:

  • Upload your theme to your Shopify site
  • Add your photos
  • Add your logo
  • Add your text
  • Edit your website elements & add them to your site
  • Connect your Instagram 
  • Add & edit your about page
  • Setup your menu

Turn around time is about 3-5 business days once I receive your content. To purchase, simply select ‘Setup My Website’ to add it to your theme purchase.

What it doesn’t include:

✕ Product setup
✕ Shipping setup
✕ Collection setup
✕ Product searching
✕ Stock photos
✕ Product photography
✕ Custom design
✕ Customized graphics

Yes we can! We offer a customized graphics add-on service! 

The ‘Customized Graphics’ add-on service can include the following:

  • Customized graphics such as any watercolor graphics, abstract art clipart, brush strokes, floral graphics, etc these are changed to something else
  • Any maps changed to your brand colors or we can create a custom map for you
  • We can add graphic elements if you need any such as watercolor flowers, watercolor brush strokes, floral arrangements, abstract graphics, painted graphics etc
  • The colors changed to match your brand
  • Any graphic buttons changed to match your design

We go in and update anywhere there are graphics. Please note that this would not include a custom built site or a customized layout. The layout of the site remains the same (such as the placement o the menu, logo, the footer sections) the layout remains the same, just the colors, fonts and graphics change. 

Turn around time is about 7-10 business days for customized graphics. 

To purchase customized graphics, simply add ‘Customized Graphics’ to your theme purchase, all of our themes have this option for an add-on. 

Customer sets up their own site with a regular theme purchase. 

We do offer a ‘Setup My Website’ add-on you can add to your theme purchase if you wish to have us setup your site for you. 

Yes! Shopify is an easy platform to learn and it’s solid! You’ll receive either video tutorials or step by step PDF documentation with your theme purchase to help you get your site updated and edited to look like the theme demo within a few hours!

Check your email 🙂 You automatically receive an email from Corjl, an online editor where all your website elements can be edited. Things like the logo, any slideshow images, graphic buttons, any maps, welcome photos, about page photo collages etc, all of these can be edited with the online editor. 

You’ll just have to check your email for it!

Yes! We can and we love helping. Please submit a ticket or reach out by clicking ‘Contact Katie’, we will get back to you with a quote once we know what you need done!

We sure do! You can checkout the custom Shopify design service here.

Add-ons can take anywhere from 3-14 business days to complete depending on what you order. If you are in a time crunch, just let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your deadline!